Hi, Hello, and Welcome
I'm Joanna

As a travel enthusiast, wellness advocate, and lifelong learner I became passionate about living a healthy and balanced lifestyle after having many struggles of my own.

We can’t go from over exercising, under eating, restricting carbs, high stress, hustle culture…
And expect our body's to just drop weight, sleep well, have great energy and work the way it’s suppose to, on demand, when we want it to.

After struggling my whole life with symptoms that were brushed off as “normal” chronic fatigue, brain fog, bloating, anxiety, constipation, and terrible sleep to name a few…

I couldn’t help but feel like there was a big missing piece that fitness influencers, allopathic doctors, and even functional medicine doctors were missing. It felt like no one was really getting to the root cause of why so many people aren’t thriving. They seemed to just offer a band-aid or more restriction.

Years of trial and error went by experimenting with diets like keto, paleo, sugar-free, intermittent fasting, cleansing, expensive supplements, biohacking, functional medicine labs I ended up feeling worse than when I had started on my journey.

I finally said ENOUGH.

And promised myself to get back into balance and figure out the root of what I was trying to figure out.

Instead of restricting foods, and fighting my body I decided to nourish my body and give myself space to heal. After time, I feel that I sleep better now and have more energy than when I was a teenager, and have a healthy relationship with food.

I now use a food-first holistic approach to help clients 1:1 come back into balance with their own bodies as well.

In 2021, I studied with the Nutritional Therapy Association and became an NTP. I learned about nutrient density, digestion, blood sugar, minerals, hydration, and fatty acids and how ALL of these things can be looked at as the over-arching big picture to be improved to bring health back into balance.

In 2022, I felt called to dive in deeper in to looking at minerals as the foundation of foundations by studying at the Root Cause Protocol Institute. The RCP is all about strengthening the body, so you can create more energy and be more resilient to stress and “dis-ease”. A well mineralized body heals itself.

I am excited you are here : )

My Why

Despite spending the most on healthcare… The United States ranks one of the last countries for health outcomes out of all modern industrialized nations. Rates of preventable chronic illnesses are skyrocketing. Our current health care model isn’t health care- its disease care. I believe preventative care is the way of the future. Holistic health is not the same as allopathic medicine- there is no pill for a quick fix. I see physical health as the forefront of everyone’s problems. Our mind and body is our foundation for everything. If we aren’t feeling well physically, it will be that much harder to accomplish anything else we want. When we are well, we have the ability to be sustained. You can’t be in check mentally, emotionally, or spiritually until your vessel (the body) is healthy. Our brain and our body are our antenna to our reality.

People give their power away when they aren’t healthy. But when you take care of yourself you increase your capacity to help others. I envision a future where we take personal responsibility over our own bodies and for our own education. Where we are empowered and don’t underestimate ourselves. Where we are taught how to think not what to think. I choose to become a student with Nutritional Therapy Association because I felt their values were in alignment with mine. Health coaches can fill a void where the current healthcare system lacks.

After all, the greatest protest is being the healthiest version of yourself possible.