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This is an extensive list I put together of brands and products I PERSONALLY use. I believe in these products and If I discover something different or no longer agree with, I will modify this list. I plan for this list to evolve and change as I keep learning. Some of the links may have an affiliate code- and I really appreciate all of the support so I can keep spreading information that I see can help be of service of others : )

For supplements specifically pertaining to The Root Cause Protocol, check out the extensive product directory provided here.


Perfect Supplements Perfect Acerola Powder (156 grams) - Bottle Image (300x300)

Perfect Supplements

Whole-food Vitamin C – Acerola Powder


  • powerful antioxidant
  • works synergistically with collagen – skin health and wound healing
  • supports adrenals
  • helps manage iron metabolism

Perfect Desiccated Liver Bottle (120 Caps) 300x300

Perfect Supplements

100% Grassfed beef liver capsules


  • makes it easier to eat “nose to tail” 
  • natures multivitamin
  • “Like helps like” meaning consuming high quality liver is also supportive of your liver health
  • contains hard to get vitamins and minerals including: Vitamins B6, B12, B2, B9,  Vitamin A, Zinc, Copper, Selenium


Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil – 5oz (150ml) liquid from Norway


Whole food source of naturally occurring vitamin A (retinol) which is needed to load copper into master anti-oxidant ceruloplasmin

  • Supports neurological health and brain development*
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties*
  • Supports reproductive system*
  • Beneficial for cardiovascular health*
  • Supports a healthy immune system health*
  • Beneficial for healthy bones, teeth and hair*


PUFA Protect (Vitamin E)


    • Supports tissue oxygenation*
    • Reduces oxidation of lipid membranes by PUFAs*Protects against lipid peroxidation*
    • Increases conversion of linoleic acid (PUFA) into saturated fat*
    • Protects skin loaded with PUFAs from ultraviolet sun damage*
    • Improves circulation*
    • Improves mitochondrial respiration*
    • Protects from free radical damage*
    • Opposes all negative effects of estrogen*
    • Decreases vitamin A burn rate*
    • Decreases progesterone burn rate*
    • Protects against calcification and iron overload*



Clean Makeup!

Araza Beauty’s formulations are paleo certified, toxin-free, non-GMO, and actually nourish your skin while you wear them. And the best part? They’re as beautiful as they are natural!

All In One Coconut Cream Foundation

  • 95% organic skin superfood ingredients
  • made with a coconut post-biotic that balances your skin’s natural micro-biome + increases moisture
  • light to medium coverage with a glowy, dewey finish and a second skin, featherlight feel
  • very low PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acids)
  • creamy, smooth texture
  • high polyphenol content promotes new skin cell regeneration
  • ultimate skin protector: natural SPF (25), blue-light blocking and anti-pollution
  • natural clay is healing, fights inflammation and is packed with natural earth minerals
  • great for acne prone, aging & sensitive skin
  •  Use code “Joanna” for 15% off!

Forever Healthy

Non-toxic, “pro-metabolic” skincare!

I use so many of their products, some of my fav’s are:

Mane Stay
Science-backed ingredients for stopping hair loss/thinning and promoting healthy, vigorous hair growth.

It also doubles as a face toner! Including caffeine (sun-protecting!), niacinamide, salicylic acid, succinic acid to help a healthy cellular metabolism and youthful glow.


One of a kind facial emollient formulated with scientifically proven ingredients to help tighten and firm the skin, while preserving skin youthfulness.


Kossma Beauty

Small batch, farm-to-skin, essential oil free, PUFA aware skincare!

I love their simple ingredients, two products I have used regularly:

New Moon- Beauty Serum

Dream- Body Oil

100% Pure

All natural, cruelty-free, environment conscious beauty brand. They have non-toxic makeup, skincare, as well as non-toxic haircare!

100% Pure Niacinamide Boost

Water-activated natural niacinamide powder treatment designed to minimize the appearanc… [More]

Price: $21.00

Glossy Locks Grow More Shampoo – 13.5 oz

Minimizes shedding, stimulates hair growth, and deeply cleanses and clarifies scalp. Wo… [More]

Price: $34.00


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Thrive Markert

  • online grocery store
  • I use to stock up on pantry items that you can’t get at a “normal” grocery store


Chili Sleep

Chili Cube Sleep System


  • can be for one or two sleepers
  • for two sleepers: each side of the bed has its own controls
  • can control bed temperatures from 55-115°F / 13-46°C


The most well studied mechanism of action surrounding red and near infrared light therapy is increased MITOchondrial energy production in the cells. MITOchondria are tiny organelles that are the energy power plants of all the cells in our body. Red and near infrared light therapy helps the MITOchondria create more of that energy.


  • Promotes wound healing and tissue repair
  • Supports collagen production / anti-aging
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation (pain)
  • Improves joint health
  • Improves physical performance, muscle recovery and energy levels
  • Increases melatonin / improves sleep

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