What the PUFA??

PUFAs = PolyUnsaturated Fatty Acids

PUFAs are found in industrial seed/vegetable oils– which are what is primarily used in packaged foods.


Seeds and vegetables have to be highly processed to refine them into an actual oil.

Until it was discovered that there was profit to be made off of these cheap oils during the turn of the 20th century, we weren’t consuming unnatural processed PUFAs in our diet.

At no point in history in anywhere in the world have we consumed as many PUFAs as we are today.

Since the 70’s up until recently we have been told “fat is bad, fat makes you fat” without taking into account the types of fats.

The WRONG fats will slow the metabolism. PUFAs are easy oxidized, creating free radicals in the body, increasing inflammation and fatigue, and is correlated to heart disease, slowed metabolism/thyroid, increased risk of sterility and dementia etc.


  • hidden in packaged foods and snacks (including crackers, popcorn, soups, alternative dairy products, nut butter, dressings, sauces, chips, etc. THINK: anything with an ingredients list that doesn’t spoil)
  • unstable fats that go rancid easily creating free radicals in the body(high level of oxidation)
  • leads to hormonal imbalance– PUFAs are very estrogenic, and we are constantly exposed to excess estrogen in our environments already
  • accelerate aging, decrease immune function, slows metabolism

Consuming the right fats IS essential however as they:

needed for production of energy and hormones

are the building blocks for cell membranes (the fluidity of the membranes is reliant on types of fats eaten)

long, slow burning energy (blood sugar stability)

needed for fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K

works synergistically with proteins

makes food taste better 🤤

protect vital organs

needed for growth, reproduction, immunity, metabolism

Fats to use:


  • coconut oil
  • grass-fed butter (low heat cooking or on top of food)
  • grass-fed ghee (higher heat cooking)
  • raw cacao
  • beef tallow/lard

Mono-Unsaturated : for use on top of foods, not the best for cooking with

  • extra virgin olive oil
  • avocado oil



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